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Fragrance Personality Quiz

Monday, September 01 2014

Find out which Avon Fragrances best fit your personality.

1.  When I wear fragrance, I want to feel
A: Feminine and pretty
B: Fresh and Clean
C: Sensual and alluring
D: Elegant and Glamourous

2.  My fantasy vacation is
A: Romantic Getaway
B: Safari
C: Trendy beach resort
D: Tropical cruise

3. My makeup must-have is
A: Rosy cheeks
B: Trendy nails
C: Smoky eyes
D: Red lips

4.  My favorite scent is
A: Floral bouquet
B: Zesty citrus
C: Rich vanilla
D: Warm spices

5.  If I was starring in a movie, it would be
A:  Romance
B: Comedy
C: Action
D: Drama

Here are your fragrance answers if you chose mostly:

A-- Romantic and Flirty You are feminine and radian, and can be a hopeless romantic

Avon Femme            Forever          Flor Violeta       Haiku Kyoto Flower          Far Away

Secrets to Keep Kiss         Sweet Honesty

B-- Spontaneous and Playful You are energetic and fun-loving, and live each day to the fullest

Blue Escape       Haiku       Secrets to Keep      Free O2

C--  Seductive and Sexy    You are passionate, sensual and full of confidence

Avon Passion       Outspoken by Fergie    Tommorrow     Avon Instinct for Her     Rare Diamond

Imari Seduction     Night Magic

D--  Sophisticated and Classic  you are elegant and glamorous, and appreciate the luxuries in life

Viva by Fergie       Today    Rare Pearls    Rare Gold     Imari     Odyssey    Timeless     Candid